Redosier Dogwood

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The Redosier Dogwood is a medium sized, fast growing shrub reaching about 8-10 ft tall and wide but larger sizes do occur where room is available for growth. It grows in the hardiness zones of from 3 to 7. It tends to be a rather shaggy shrub that looks good for a few years and then large stems of the plant just die and they become very unsightly. It is best that this plant should be cut off just above the ground and allowed to regrow every 5 years, which to me is way to much work.


This Dogwood grows well in most soils, and with its reddish stems looks good in snowy situations. It can spread from underground stems that can overwhelm an area and move into places it is not wanted. It is hard to kill when this happens and in many cases moves into windbreak trees where it effects there grow and survival.

Redosier dogwood have been used extensively in windbreaks and shelterbelts in the past, but their are other shrubs that do so much better, so note the problems that come with them and plan accordingly. They should be placed 8-10 ft ft apart in a row and 20 ft from any evergreen species. 

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