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Our 44th year of designing, growing and planting windbreaks. We are windbreakologists.


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Welcome to WindbreakTrees .com

"There are two types of people that live in the country: The ones that have a Windbreak and the ones that wish they had a Windbreak."


Evergreens, Deciduous trees and shrubs.

May 26th to the 30th is the last week for selling or planting potted trees this spring. After that it is better to wait until fall.

We are no longer shipping any trees, they must all be picked up here.
We will continue to sell bare root deciduous shrubs and trees for a couple of more weeks.

As of May 18th we are no longer selling any potted evergreens trees as the new growth has come out over 6 inches and it puts too much stress on the plant to do it now.  Better to wait until Fall as our selling/planting season starts on Sep 14th.   Place your order now for fall as we will have a good selection of all sizes then.

Please call ahead 24 hours if you have a large order to be picked up so we can have it ready for you.

Open Mon-Fri 8AM-5PM--Sat. 8AM-2PM

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We accept Cash, Checks and VISA and MASTERCARD.

Kelly Tree Farm - 191 Quincy Ave. Clarence, Iowa 52216

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A good way to reach us this time of year is to E-mail us anytime.  You can phone us or leave a message anytime from 7:00 AM-6 PM Monday threw Saturday.

Thank You

PH: 563-452-4300  or   E-mail



What is a windbreakologist?

A person who specializes in the layout, plants used, and long life design to break, block or divert the wind to any given area.


Services we provide as a windbreakologist™:

 Over 40 years of experience in all aspects of windbreaks

 Best placement of plants to block winds at any time of the year.

 Annual rainfall and temperatures in your area of the windbreak.

 Soil types and conditions in the area of your windbreak.

Govt. cost share programs available to help pay for your windbreak.

 Proper trees and shrubs that will do well in your area, and have a long life.

 Proper spacing of trees and shrubs to provide a long lasting windbreak.

 Proper herbicides that can be used around windbreak trees and shrubs.

 Control measures of unwanted animals and insects in your windbreak

 Control measures of volunteer/unwanted trees and shrubs in your windbreak.

 Reduction of odors by proper placement of trees and shrubs

 Control of blowing snow into an area where you do not want it.

 Trees/shrubs, delivery and planting of windbreaks in the Midwest—USA

 UPS shipping of trees and shrubs for windbreaks throughout the USA.


 Survive, Thrive, Stay Alive is our motto with windbreak trees.

Survive the planting, with minimum care
Grow well
"Thrive" after planting
Stay Alive with a long life.

Over 90% of the windbreaks designed and installed are done incorrectly using the wrong species or spacing.

Have your windbreak designed or if you have a plan from someone else, checked by a windbreakologist™

  We can design your windbreak, provide the trees, plant and advise you on how to care for them.

We specialize in windbreaks.

Kevin Kelly

 PH: 563-452-4300---7AM-6PM--Monday-Saturday


If you want to stop by always call us first to be sure we are here and not out looking at a project.



We have over 20 thousand of your favorite potted windbreak/shade trees/shrubs available for spring planting.

We design windbreaks, and ship bare root plants in the springtime, throughout the US for windbreaks we also plant windbreaks throughout the Midwest of the US.  

We accept Cash, Checks and Visa and MasterCard.

Kelly Tree Farm, 191 Quincy Ave. Clarence IA 52216 - PH: 563-452-4300 -

Our windbreaks win awards!

Brad and Patty Manuel from Olin, IA with their state award from the Iowa Soil and Water Districts for Best Windbreak in the state of Iowa.  We planned, provided and planted the trees for this windbreak in 2001.

Ryan and Lana Reed from Ottumwa, Iowa on their 2012 Pork Industry Environmental Stewards award.  We helped with the design and provided the trees for this project.  Ryan and Lana did all the planting and weed control.  Read the story and see the video on our Livestock Buildings page.


Growing up in the windswept plains of Iowa I saw the effects of wind and how a row or several rows of trees completely changed the environment that we lived in, especially in the winter, but also at other times of the year.

We have been growing and planting windbreaks in the Midwest for over 40 years and believe we have the knowledge to provide you with the best windbreak trees that will survive in your area.

Many times people will sell any kind of evergreen and call it a windbreak, but after a few years the tree does poorly or does not survive at all.

We are here to provide you with the knowledge that comes with over 40 years of work in this area, when you are ready to plant a windbreak, we are here to help you get it done and done right.

  1. To protect the people and animals from cold winter winds by reducing wind velocities by-up-to 90%.

  2. Prevent large amounts of snow from drifting by catching it inside and directly behind the windbreak and melting it slowly as it soaks into the ground and does not run off.

  3. Reduces the costs of heating and cooling your home by 25% or more by reducing wind velocity.

  4. Protect the home, business, or farm buildings from windstorms that can come at any time of the year.

  5. Reduce traffic dust and other noises from nearby roads and fields.

  6. Reduce the effects of hot drying summer winds, the trees act like air conditioners as they transpire and have a cooling effect on the immediate area.

  7. Provides a better working and living condition with more productivity for persons inside the windbreak as a result of reduced winter winds.

  8. Will attract game and songbirds and other wildlife all times of the year, especially in the winter.

  9. Will help beautify the overall landscape around the area and make it a better place to work and play along with an increase in the total value of the windbreak protected area.

  10. Protects growing plants and trees by lowering evaporation rates resulting in an increase in growth and plant quality.

Proper design of your windbreak must be carefully considered. Negative effects of poorly placed or improper trees can be eliminated by proper forethought. They must be able to withstand extreme cold, strong winds, poor soils and periods of drought. Not many trees are able to grow well under these conditions, so we encourage you to contact us, for our experience in this field is extensive and we do serve the entire United States.

Wind chill temperature is defined as that temperature in calm air which provides the same chilling effect on a person as that for a particular combination of temperature and wind. The chart below allows you to estimate the wind chill temperature for a variety of temperature and wind speeds. For example, if the temperature is 10° F and wind speed 25 MPH do the following: 1) find 10° F on the top row, 2) read down to the row with 25 MPH, and 3) read the number in the intersection. In this example, the figure is -11° F.

As the old saying goes its not the cold, it's the wind that effects us the most. The reduction of wind velocity makes living for ourselves, our animals and anything else, inside this protected area a much more pleasant experience.

WindBreak Layout
Example of a proper Windbreak Design


Kelly Tree Farm, 191 Quincy Ave. Clarence IA 52216 - PH: 563-452-4300 -