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Swamp Bur Oak

Tree shape on a Swamp Bur oak

Leaves on a swamp bur oak

Bark on a Swamp Bur Oak

Acorns on Swamp Bur Oak Tree

The swamp bur oak is the middle one.  On the left is a large bur oak and on the right is a swamp white oak acorn

Swamp bur oak Transplants, 3 years old, many over 4 ft tall, undercut every year.  Very fast growth on these trees.

SWAMP BUR OAK HYBRID-Zone 4-8 - Large round topped, survives in wet lowlands even with roots underwater for weeks at a time, very large sweet acorns, good for riparian buffers, Iowa trees.  Fast growth.
Height 25-99 100+
8"-17"  Bare root $1.50 .80
17"-24"  Bare root $2.00 $1.25
24"-36"   Bar root $3.00 $2.00
3-4 ft Bare root   $6.00 Each
Potted Prices 1-50 50+  
Potted - 2'-4' $35.00 each
Potted - 4'-5' $45.00 each
Potted - 5'-6' $55.00 each


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