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Silky Dogwood (Cornus Amomum)

The Silky Dogwood is a medium sized rounded shrub. It has a medium growth rate and on the average is about 10 ft tall and wide at maturity, but can be larger if sufficient room is given. It will grow in hardiness zoned of between 4 to 8 and will survive in wetter areas where most other shrubs would not survive.

In August it has a multitude of seeds that are quickly eaten by birds and other animals. It looks very nice for about 10-15 years and then does tend to get more open with large branches dying back. To rejuvenate simply cut the whole plant off just above the ground and let then resprout.

We recommend the Silky Dogwood in wetter areas and with other shrubs used for windbreaks and shelterbelts. We recommend they be planted at least 8 ft apart for best performance.

Silky Dogwood's Fall colors.




Silky Dogwood
Age Height 25-99 100+
Bare root 1 RP 1 12"-18" click below for prices  
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Potted 3'-4'    
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