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Arrowwood (Viburnum dentatum)

The Arrowwood is a native to the eastern U.S. It is shown to be hardy in the zones from 3-7 and has a medium to fast growth rate depending on controlling grasses around a newly planted plant. Plants grow about 12 ft tall and about the same for width, but some are much larger if they have the room to grow. It's a dense, rounded shrub in youth, and lives a long time and looks good during this time.

They have a nice white flower in the spring and a blue berry in the fall that is quickly eaten by the birds. Plants do not sucker from the roots. Stay 20ft from windbreak or shelterbelt trees. Fall color can be a nice red or none at all, every year seems to be different. We like the Arrowwood with space restrictions. We recommend planting 8ft or more between plants in a row for best results.


Flower, fall color and berries.





Arrowwood (Viburnum)
Age Height 25-99 100+
2 RP 2 8"-18" click here for prices  
2 RP 2 18"-24"  
3 RP 2 24"-36"    
Potted Prices      
Potted 2'-3'    
Potted 3-4'    
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